(News) Mining hopes high with diamond discovery

News : Mining hopes high with diamond discovery

A third diamond from the Baghain river basin near Kalinjar in Banda district has paved the way for mining of the precious mineral in Uttar Pradesh. The Department of Minerals and Mining had launched a survey of the river basin a few years back.

The first diamond was found in 2005 and the second in 2007. The officers continued with their efforts and the third diamond was discovered in the last week of April.

All the three diamonds are on display in the Mining Department museum. Joint Director in the Minerals and Mining Department S.A. Farooqui said finding of the three diamonds was a clear indication that it was available in the Baghain river basin area.

"Now, we are planning to carry out close space digging of the river basin before opening the door to private players to carry out mining on commercial basis," he said. Diamonds have earlier been found in Penner, Krishna and Godavari river basin areas and Baghain will be the new addition to the list of the rivers.

Interestingly, neither kimberlite pipe nor lamproite volcanic pipe that bring diamond crystals to the surface have been found in Banda district. These pipes have been found in adjacent Panna district across the border in Madhya Pradesh.

In fact, geologists are reading it as Madhya Pradesh's loss and Uttar Pradesh's gain. In accordance with a geological phenomenon, while flowing through Panna, the Baghain river carries minerals and deposits them in Kalinjar area of Banda district.

"The finding of diamond gives ample proof that gravel bed of UP is also diamondiferous like that of the adjacent Panna district in Madhya Pradesh," he said. Before going for mining on a commercial basis, the Minerals and Mining Department had dispatched the samples to Indian Bureau of Mines located at Nagpur and at Hatti.

"We wish to tally our finding with that of the top institutes", officials said.

Courtesy : in.news.yahoo.com