(NEWS) Rahul Gandhi paid a surprise visit to Tapriyan village in Tikamgarh.

Tikamgarh, MP: Congress general secretary, Rahul Gandhi paid a surprise visit to Tapriyan village in Tikamgarh district of Madhya Pradesh and spent night in a tribal's house. Even officials in the district were caught unawares about the visit last night, party sources said today.

He reached the village from Jhansi along with Uttar Pradesh Congress president, Reeta Bahuguna at about 2300 hours.

Gandhi visited tribal woman Bhuvan's home, whose husband is no more and asked for meal, the sources said.

Surprised at Rahul's visit, she politely told him that only 'chatni and roti is available' following which he had a chapati with chatni. Later, she cooked potato curry and puris for Gandhi which he enjoyed, they said.

Gandhi then sat on a charpoy outside her house and interacted with 40-50 tribals gathered in front of her house after hearing about his arrival. They shared their problems with him which he heard with rapt attention, sources said.

The Congress leader told the tribals that he had come to understand their problem and take steps to solve them. After the talks which continued late in night, Gandhi retired on the charpoy and slept under open sky.

Congress leaders rushed to Tapriyan on hearing about Rahul's arrival. But the Congress leader left the village early in the morning and reached Tikamgarh at about 0700 hrs, sources said.

After resting for nearly 4-5 hours in hotel he left for Chattarpur without meeting any Congress leader, the sources added.

Source : PTI