(News) Banda District Magistrate Share Bundelkhand Groundwater Problem on Facebook


Bundelkhand groundwater status on Facebook

In a novel approach aimed at recharging depleting ground water status in the arid land of Bundelkhand, the Banda district administration has been interacting and seeking suggestions from masses with the help of social working site Facebook. The objective is to create awareness about recharging ground water through traditional means and drive the 'save water' message among masses to check the depleting ground water status in the region.

The Banda district administration has created an account on the social networking site and named the page 'Jal Bachao Abhiyan, Banda' carrying all details about measures initiated to recharge the ground water status by seeking support of masses to protect each and every drop of water. The facebook account has been successful to create awareness as those who have browsed the page have put up remarks and comments and are also interacting with officials suggesting how ponds, wells and other reservoirs could be created or restored.

The initiative was taken by Banda district magistrate G S Naveen Kumar who has been active in generating awareness about ways of recharing groundwater status.

The Banda administration on its part has displayed on the FB page all ongoing work like digging of new ponds and restoration of old ones and cleaning up of ponds and wells.

The district magistrate told TOI "Protecting every drop of water is the need of the hour and we have also been apprising people about the rain water harvesting system."

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Courtesy : Times of India