(News) Bundelkhand demands AIIMS: will send ‘selfie with patients’ to PM

Bundelkhand demands AIIMS: will send ‘selfie with patients’ to PM

After writing lakhs of letters in various languages to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for setting up an AIIMS here in Bundelkhand region, the residents are now sending ‘selfie with patients’ on the lines of ‘selfie with daughters’ to him. “We have launched ‘selfie with patients’ campaign to draw the attention of the Prime Minister towards the plight of patients who do not get medical facilities here.

We have been demanding for All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) for long and hope our voice will be heard,” said Tara Patkar, Coordinator of the campaign.

He said the selfies will be posted on social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, whatsapp and others and those active on these media would be asked to share the pictures to support the campaign.

Explaining the rationale behind the demand, Patkar said the Mahoba area is situated at the heart of Bundelkhand and does not have medical care facilities.

“Patients admitted in primary health centres are referred to Kanpur, Lucknow, Agra and to districts of neigbouring Madhya Pradesh. Setting up of AIIMS will help the entire region, spread over seven districts in UP and five in MP,” he said.

Claiming that the people of the district are ready to arrange land for the AIIMS, he said, they have so far sent over one lakh letters to the Prime Minister in 18 languages and will send one lakh more in Sanskrit to him.

“Muslim youths and children wrote to the Prime Minister in Sanskrit while Hindus wrote in Urdu, besides in other languages like Sindhi, Punjabi and Malayalam,” Patkar said.

The Prime Minister’s Office had sought details of our campaign in May this year but nothing concrete came out of it, he said.

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Courtesy: The Indian Express