(News) Akhilesh Advised Officials to Complete All Formalities Regarding Water Supply in Bundelkhand


CM directs officials to ensure water supply in Bundelkhand

A day after the Bharatiya Janata Party resolved to ensure every home in the drought-hit districts of Bundelkhand had access to water if it is voted to power, chief minister Akhilesh Yadav held a meeting to access the status of long-term and immediate measures to ensure the availability of water in the region.

In a meeting attended by senior cabinet minister Azam Khan, among others, Akhilesh ordered the immediate removal of all barriers from existing water resources to ensure the uninterrupted flow of water across the region. Taking stock of the different water-related schemes being implemented across 7 districts of Bundelkhand, the CM advised officials to complete all formalities regarding the Rs 500 crore scheme for the construction of a barrage over the Betwa river in Jhansi. Ordering that the reports be prepared by October and dispatched to NABARD, which funds the scheme, Akhilesh also said the drinking water facilities in Banda must also be strengthened.

Expressing dissatisfaction over the poor progress in the implementation of schemes in Bundelkhand, Cabinet minister Azam Khan also said the officials must take stock of the situation and take adequate anticipatory measures to ensure that there is no shortage of water during the impending summer months. Akhilesh also ordered officials to complete, within the next two months, all surveys regarding a Rs 50 crore project for the construction of a barrage on the Baghen river in Banda district.

Once again raising the issue of pending central government funds, the chief minister said the state government officials must prepare and send details of schemes worth Rs 1,080 crore under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) to the Centre and expedite the process of demanding the release of funds to UP. Among immediate measures to address the drinking water crisis in the drought-hit districts, Akhilesh said work on Rs 25 crore project to re-bore hand pumps in the urban and rural areas, should be started. He also said that power supply should be made available to the water pumping station in Banda and that an independent feeder should be set up, in case it is necessary.

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