(News) Good Rainfall This Monsoon Season in Bundelkhand


After Five Years, Monsoon Brings Smile to Parched Bundelkhand

Good rainfall this monsoon season in Bundelkhand region of the state has brought some cheer at a time when the region has been reeling under drought-like situation for the past five years.

The officials involved in groundwater-level monitoring say if administration and community can effectively manage water conservation, it may hold a better part of the region in good stead over the next couple of seasons.

According to meteorological data for period June 1 to September 28, four districts of the region — Banda, Hamipur, Jhansi and Lalitpur — have received higher rainfall during the monsoon season. The figures released by the Indian Meteorological Department on its website, indicate that Banda has received 15 per cent more rainfall (960.4 mm) than its long period average (LPA) of the season, 11 per cent higher rainfall in Hamirpur (879.7 mm), 2 per cent higher rainfall in Jhansi (853.1 mm) and 40 per cent higher rainfall in Lalitpur (1,309 mm). However, Mahoba with 20 per cent less rain (617.2 mm) and Jalaun with 13 per cent less rain (673 mm) have remained dry. No figures are available for Chitrakoot.

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Dear Sir,
Thanks for good information, rainfall percentage is higher as compare with last five years. If water is sufficient in our area so government should be focus as following point.

1. Those farmers are not capable for bear buden of money for good agricuture,Government should make list immidiatly for all area of Bundelkhand districts and provide subsidy/ "Kisan fund" properly for all poor farmers on fast track. so that thay can concentrat on his agriculture only and result should be come positivly after 4- 5 months in form of 14 -15 time Agricultire profit as investment.

2. If Farmers will develop in our area then bundelkhand will definatly develop.so we should be focus of this good opportunity.

3. Again i want to inform that, Lalitput area is the best place for water source so govenment should be focus on Industrial development in Power and Steel sector.

4. If Industries comes in Bundelkhand area then peoples will develop of himself.

5. We urgent need reputed Technical University/Collages at level of IIT for better and higher education for the students but unfortunatly it is not heppenning.

6. We urgent need reputed medical collages in bundelkhand area.which is not available has yet now.


With Best regards

Purushottam Shukla