(News) Water-scarce Bundelkhand opts for bhumi-visarjan this Navratra

Water-scarce Bundelkhand opts for bhumi-visarjan this Navratra

The gods may have decreed an immersion of their idols after their earthly sojourns, but they certainly forgot to provide for some holy waters. So, the enterprising in Bundelkhand’s Banda district came up with ‘bhumi-visarjan’ — consignation to earth. Till two years ago, Banda idols were immersed in river Ken.

Banda got the idea to prevent idol immersion in the river two years ago from similar efforts in adjacent Fatehpur, where some people have opted for bhumi-visarjan instead of jal-visarjan in river Ganga, which causes water pollution.

“It would take time for all the puja-organisers to go in for bhoomi-visarjan, but a beginning has been made. There’s some opposition as well, but we are trying to tell people that the health of our water bodies is important. Chemical paints and adhesives used in the idols harm the eco-system of the rivers,” said Ashish Sagar of Pravas Society, Banda.

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Courtesy: Hindustan Times