Ground Water Sinking Low in Banda

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Aamir Hussain (, Banda, 21 May 2007- As the summer approaches, the problem of water crisis knocks Bundelkhand. According to a survey report of CGWB (Conservation of Ground Water Board), Ground Water sinks at an alarming rate of 65cm per year in Banda. With this Banda tops in U.P. as the rate is 56cm in Lucknow, 50cm in Jhansi, 45cm in Kanpur and 40 cm in Agra. Bundelkhand being located in Sediments Cells Group in Peninsular region of Vindhaya Ranges, the ground water strata discharge  capacity is low. Moreover, unplanned urbanization and increasing settlements are also the reasons for this accelearted sinking rate of ground water in Banda.