Manihari Market- Small Scale, Big Turnover

Manihaari Bazaar popularly known as Manihaari Lane, is located in centre of Chowk Bazaar of Banda.

Popular among the women folk for shopping of Cosmetic Products and Chuddis (Bangles). Thus Market's  Economy is totally dependent on women.

This Market was set up 80 years ago during British Period. It was dominated by Manihaars (a class of people who are mainly small scale home made goods sellers). Thus the market was named by British Rulers as Manihaari Lane.

Started with Few shops, Market has now grown to a big one. The total no. of shops has reached to about 80 where goods worth about Rs. 1/2 million are sold everyday.

The Market has once changed its palce from chowk bazzar to Ramlila Ground during Emergency Period in India. But soon after, it was brought back to its original location i.e. Chowk Bazaar. Since then it is in Chowk Bazaar.

Both Hindus and Muslims have equal partnership in this market.

Few years ago, the market has suffered much loss in an fire accident.


Report By- Aamir Hussain