(Photos) A building inside Kalinjar Fort

A building inside Kalinjar Fort

Pencil and wash drawing of a building inside Kalinjar Fort, Uttar Pradesh by Frederick Charles Maisey (1825-1892) in 1847. Lieutenant Maisey was based at Kalinjar from 1845 to 1847. This image is inscribed: 'Jan'y 25th, 1847. In Kallinjur Fort, Bundlecun.'Kalinjar is possibly one of the oldest hill forts in India, occupying a remote site on the last spur of the Vindhya Mountains above the Gangetic Valley, a plateau 375 m (1,230 feet) high. The site was originally a revered hill shrine later fortified and occupied by successive generations of invaders. It was known to have been a stronghold of the Chandellas from the 9th to the 12th centuries. In 1023 Mahmud of Ghazni attempted to seize the fortress but failed.

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Courtesy: Europeana.eu