(Opinion) Samradhh Bundelkhand - समृद्ध बुंदेलखंड

(Opinion) Samradhh Bundelkhand - समृद्ध बुंदेलखंड

"A region can be developed when people of that region are aware enough about the root cause of the problems being faced by them. And, for that, firstly we must identify and address the problems we are going through.

In Bundelkhand region, drought is the prominent problem due to which farming is badly affected. Now, think about what solutions can be practiced to eradicate this problem. Some solutions are as follows:

1. Get your soil tested and then make an appropriate decision about the crop to be farmed up.
2. Give preference to those crops which require less water.
3. Medicinal plants, which suits to bundelkhand region, can also be grown to get more income.
4. Krishi Vishvavidlaya in Banda should have an Agro Consultation Cell which can help farmers of the region to solve their farming related problems. It will also strengthen the experience of students involved.

These are some trivial solutions i can think of, but, i am sure that there are many more such ideas which farmers, students, professors, intellectuals and local bodies have to flourish farming in the region.

In this reference, i am requesting Bundelkhand News to have open debate on the problems faced. And, the solution which comes out of the discussion tried to be practiced to improve present condition.

So far my focus was on single problem (i.e. drought) only. But, the same process can be replicated to observe and solve other problems also. And, the process itself can be modified to in time to have better solution oriented discussions.

By this way, we will be able to make our region better day by day. And, i hope that one day every citizen of the region will try to contribute their efforts to make Bundelkhand a ""Samradhh Bundelkhand""; Because, it is not only MY Bundelkhand, it's OUR Bundelkhand.

I am not restricting my ideas to a region only. The same method, if works good, can be replicated to other regions, states of the country for betterment of our proud nation.

Jai Hind, Jai Bundelkhand

By: Saurabh Raghuvanshi