Study on Bundelkhand of Planning Commission: Education - Government - Non-government Collaboration in DPEP/TLC

Study on Bundelkhand of Planning Commission: Education - Government - Non-government Collaboration in DPEP/TLC


Government - Non-government Collaboration in DPEP/TLC:

There are two missions or programmes in MP in which the possibilities and opportunities for NGO involvement are maximum. These are- Shiksha Mission and Mission for Watershed Development. Shiksha Mission through its programmes of DPEP and TLC, has kept the room for NGO Collaboration. At a broader level, while the non-government organisation like Eklavya is playing a major role in curriculum development for the primary schools and the training of teachers under DPEP, at the district level a few organisations are involved in running the Alternative Schools, training the teachers selected by panchayats under education- guarantee schemes and developing the teaching and learning materials for such schools. It was observed that in district Tikamgarh, State Resource Centre, Bharat Gyan Vigyan Samiti (BGVS) and Eklavya were collaborating in running five Alternative Schools, spread in three blocks of the district, namely, Tikamgarh, Jatara and Palera. They were at villages, Kanchanpur (Tikamgarh Block), Baragaon (Tikamgarh), Karmaura (Jatara), Gor(Jatara) and Palera (Palera). It was interesting to watch the training process of the teachers involved in Alternative Schools. They were being trained by the trainers of BGVS and Eklavya at Tikamgarh in a participatory way to use innovative methods for making the children learn easily.

Total Literacy Campaign was based on the volunteers of the districts particularly that of NYKs of the districts. In Tikamgarh, organisation like Bundelkhand Kala Evam Sanskritik Manch took part in awareness generation programmes. Ashutosh Bal Vikas Samiti and other organisations like this, alongwith their volunteers took part in literacy classes. In Chhatarpur, the chief functionary of Vivekanand Gram Vikas Samiti visited all the villages of district Chhatarpur to identify volunteers for the total literacy. But this Samiti, after taking part actively in the campaign, don’t visualise its any other role in the future for the development activities in the area and its volunteers are not with it now. In other districts also a number of organisations took part in it or were rather created for it and got lost after the campaign lost its temperament.

So, the overall analysis establishes the fact that the concerned districts of Bundelkhand are educationally backward. A large number of private institutions/schools are emerging to cater to the educational needs of the upper and middle class people but backward/ST/SC class children are still out of ;schools in rural areas. A campaign like TLC and DPEP would not be much help to them unless their economic requirements are met with through various other programmes

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