Vanangana (वनांगना) NGO



Vanangana, a rural community based women's' right collective, located in Bundelkhand, Uttar Pradesh, has been operating from Chitrakoot since 1993 and Banda since 2003. It is registered under the Societies Act.

Vanangana iscombating the grave and pervasive problem of violence against women by making Dalit women an important part of village development and thus ensuring their safety as well as an influential position in the social ladder.

By creating platforms that allow women to come together, Vanangana enables them to identify common problems, confront them through collective action, and demonstrate the impact to the entire community. In all efforts to access justice, organization allows leadership to emerge from within the communities. Working strictly within the socioeconomic framework, Vanangana is uncompromising about the judicial system, and promotes a multilayered application of the law, which cuts across social hierarchies

Contact Details:


Purani Bazar, Karvi,
Dist.Chitrakoot – 210205
Uttar Pradesh

Ph.: 05198- 233731
Fax: 05198-233731


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