(Video) Ghor Ghor Rani - Save Water Campaign by MP Govt.


Save Water Campaign by MP Govt.

It's a game played by the children, especially girls in the rural areas of Bundelkhand, India, where they play with the imagination of water- Ghor Ghor Rani (Gol Gol Rani in Hindi). Here in the film, the game has metaphorically presenting a grim reality. Absence of water, scarcity of life giving substance, here is pointed at through the game. Simplicity of the message of preserving water is presented in poignant manner, through the game of little girls.


A life-time of struggle for water, probably awaits these young girls. Don't waste water from young lips becomes a cry in this short film. Here conservation of water is the message of the film presented in a touching manner.

Courtesy : You Tube