(Success Story) The honour of “Jalaun-Gaurav” to Shri Sanjay Singh

The honour of “Jalaun-Gaurav” to Shri Sanjay Singh

The members of Kriti Shodh Sansthan feel over-joyed and extremely obliged on the occasion when Shri Yachhudanand Mishra, Voice-chancellor, Makhan Lal Chaturvedi University, Bhopal, has awarded an honour of “Jalaun-Gaurav” to Shri Sanjay Singh, Secretary, Parmarth Samaj Sewi Sansthan, Orai, in recognition of his valuable services in the sphere of drought effected poorest areas of Bundelkhand in general, and in providing the proper entitlements to the weaker sections of society in particular.


This is remarkable that father of Shri Sanjay Singh, Late Shri Dr. Lalla Singh sacrificed his life in the execution of NREGA to provide the livelihood to the poorest people of rural community.

It is distinctly visible in entire Bundelkhand. Not only KSS family but number of voluntary organizations of the district are feeling that actually in view of the services rendered and sacrifices under gone Shri Sanjay Singh deserves even more higher esteemed honour like “Bundelkhand-Gaurav”.


Numerous peasants and labour are maintaining their livelihood on the basis of the means which were provided by Shri Sanjay Singh through Bundelkhand Apda Niwarak Manch. 

Lok Sanskriti Sewa Nidhi is very earnestly and honestly requested that recognising the higher range of services rendered by shri Sanjay Singh, the honour of the “Bundelkhand-Gaurav”, May kindly be awarded to him.

Thanks & Regards
Manoj Kumar
Kriti Shaodh Sansthan