(Research) Changes in Demographic Characteristics in Bundelkhand Region: Evidences from Census 2001 & 2011 by Sarda Prasad, JNU

Bundelkhand Ground Report - New hunger games in jobless Bharat by Sayantan Bera

(UPEIDA) Public Consultation for inputs on Bundelkhand Defence Corridor

(FAMOUS) Shajar Stone शजर का पत्थर - The Identity Of Banda & Ken River

Kalinjar Fort : कालिंजर का किला - बाँदा बुंदेलखंड

(REPORT) Bundelkhand region of Uttar Pradesh: From Valour to Hunger - By Bharat Dogra

Project on Affordable Electricity for Rural Households by DevAlt

Donate to Drought Relief & Community Kitchens in Bundelkhand

MGNREGA vs Future of Agriculture: A Study on Bundelkhand Region

(Report) Bundelkhand Unnat Bharat Abhiyan

(Report) Human Development Report on the Bundelkhand by Planning Commission

(Report) Suicides and migration in Bundelkhand : Dec 2015

Bundelkhand Package Report from Cobrapost

(Report) Study on Bundelkhand : Planning Commission, Govt of India

(Report) Study of Special Package for Drought Mitigation and Integrated Development of Bundelkhand Region

(Report) Bundelkhand shows signs of an ailing MNREGA

MNREGA in doldrums: Report from MP Bundelkhand

(Report) Vegetable Cultivation as an Alternative Source of Income For Small Farmers in Bundelkhand

(Report) Ministry of Tourism Report on Tourism in Uttar Pradesh 2007

(Report) Technological need assessment and planning for empowering farm women in livestock rearing


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