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Kairada Temple

Kairada village on the road from Banda to Mahoba, 15 Km distant from Banda and 40 Km from Mahoba. A metalled road connects to Banda and Mahoba. The foundation of the village was done in the Chandella period about 900 years ago. There is a tank situated here, which was build by special stone. In the 1857, when British army entered this village, four dogs and their mother contested fight and sacrifice their live from 1.5 km from the village. In the memory of this fight, Four Stone Pillars is situated on the Top of the hill in the Kairada village.

Banda- The First in India who won Freedom

Guys Do u know this:

Banda was the first dist. in India who won freedom. It was in 1857 when Banda won freedom from British rule and people here were the first free indians. But within days, Banda came again under the british rule:(((

Is not this a matter to proud???

So Proud that u r Bandaist:))

A@mir Hussian

(Heritage) St. George's Church aka "Yellow Church", Banda - Uttar Pradesh

Yellow Church, Banda



Yellow Church, established in1835 A.D. is the most famous and oldest church of Banda . Rather some  records have been found that proved that Christianity was in Banda before 1809 A.D. but Yellow Church is one of the best symbol of British architecture and religionin bundelkhand.


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