(Guest Post) Sudhanshu Bhushan Dwivedi on Bundelkhand

You are well aware that our Bundelkhand area has been passing through a near drought like situation for the last four years.The state government is not in a position to look after the rehabilitation and proper drinking management not only in remote areas but in so called urban areas too.The fund sanctioned by the Central Government to the Government of Uttar Pradesh for the said cause is totally been misused to say the least.The latest report of the Human Rights commission indicates that the state machinery is not able to handle the death of farmers in Banda and Mohaba districts.Even the state govt.has made criminal cases against the farmers for utilization of river water which reminds me of the brutality of the British Raj leashed on satyagrihis.

The NABARD scheme for rehabilitation of small and medium dams of Bundelkhand is totally mismanaged by the irrigation department in Lucknow.

Now the time has come for us to take charge for the formation of Bundelkhand Water Development Authority under Ministry of Water Resources Govt. of India on the pattern of Bhakra Vyas Water Management Board. The National Water Development Authority already conducted various surveys and made reports to Govt of India for Ken Betwa River linking project.The Authority has already set up a office in Jhansi and the survey of Soin and environment impact is completed. The work on DPR is in progress.But the main problem is that non of our local leaders have the vision and the capability to expedite this ambitious water project for progress of people of Bundelkhand and generate rural employment in the area.If you have the serious thought for the upliftment of the Bundelkhand people and permanent relief from drought.

I offer my sincere efforts and follow up of this project since I am a sincere social worker born and brought up in village Bhansayan Rath dist HamirPur, Bundelkhand. Right now I am handling one ADB project of NHAI North South corridor from LalitPur to Amjara 38 km and giving job opportunities to the locals.


Sudhanshu Bhushan Dwivedi


i would like to request all life minded people of bundelkhand and those who are supporting our moment for formation of a new authority under the govt. of india .ministry of water resourses on the pattern of bhakara yass management board .mr. rahul gandhi already taken this issue with prime minister dr.man mohan singh .now time has come that we should organise a moment for the proper communication in both the region of bundelkhand , up and mp. without going to the deep mayawati govt. apposing this issue in vidhan sabha .this is not a political issue .this a issue which is very rilavent on all espects for the development of bundelkhand.and stop migration and better way for agriculture in earlier also i wrote a artical on the basis of my practical presents in bundelkhand i found the way state govt. running all the schemes funded by govt. of india like national rural employment garenty scheme which is very popular in the entire nation but this scheme not properly manage by the state govt.the other scheme pradhan mantri sadak yojna also part of mismanagement at state govt. levelfor the last 20 years bundelkhand region contributed crores of rupees in state exchequre but would not find adiquate share for water management .i dont want to blame any one , i only want to request on the basis of media reports and human right comission report .the people of bundelkhand need separate development authority for water management in entire area UP and MP. i want a debate on this issue whether this is a interferance in state govt. matters or not but the people of bundhelkhand want some solution as early as possible without any political interference .i dont know why both the present CM UP and MP not corporating on this issue .this is my humble request to them kindly open your eyes and ears and see the realities and support this noble cause for the survival of bundelkhand and the people of bundelkhand for god sake don't do the dirty politics on this issue .

About a month back there was an uproar in the ruling circles of U.P. and M.P. over the proposal of creation of a separate development authority for the development of one of the most backwards and deprived regions of our country i.e. BUNDELKHAND because the move was construed as an attempt by the central government to undermine the federal structure of our polity. On the contrary there was a sense of elation among those who had initiated the move. The congress would want the people of bundelkhand to believe in its seriousness on the issue of bringing bundelkhand, if not at par, then certainly closer to other regions of the country on developmental and economic parameters. Sure, the intentions of congress's heir apparent and presumably the architect of it's spectacular performance in lok sabha polls are beyond doubt, but one is forced to think that why "Amethi" and "Rai bareilly" do not need any special centrally controlled authority for their development? Any answers!!!! If governmental apathy and collosal neglect of growth and development is best visible anywhere in India, you wouldn't find a better example than Bundelkhand. Bundelkhandi's can achieve what is rightfully theirs only by taking to the streets their battle for separate statehood like their bretheren from Jharkhand and Uttrakhand. Separate "development authority" may not be our right but "separate STATEHOOD" certainly is.