Bundelkhand Circuit : Accommodation

Bundelkhand Circuit : Accommodation

Jhansi has a wide range of accommodation from 3 Star down to budget. Mahoba, Deogarh, Chitrakoot have limited accommodation.

Uttar Pradesh Tourism has very convenient and comfortable facilities for tourists to destinations in Bundelkhand. These are:

  • UPSTDC Rahi Veerangana Tourist Bungalow, Exhibition Ground, Jhansi. Tel.: 91-510-2442402
  • UPSTDC Rahi Tourist Bungalow, Deogarh.
  • UPSTDC Rahi Tourist Bungalow.Chitrakoot. Tel.: 91-5198-224219, 224218
  • UPSTDC Yatri Niwas, Chitrakoot (offers affordable accommodation for groups and is specially designed with facilities for self-cooking)
  • UPSTDC Rahi Tourist Bungalow, Khajuraho Road, Mahoba. Tel.: 91-5281-244108


where to stay

Hotel Veerangana (U.P. Tourism)
Shivpuri Road, Ph.: 0517-442402

Hotel Sita
Shivpuri Road, Ph.: 442956, 444690, Fax. 0517-440259

Jhansi Hotel
Shastri Marg, Ph.: 441360
Fax. 0517-442426

Prakash Guest House,
Civil Lines, Ph.: 443133,440379

Apna Guest House,
Civil Lines, Ph.: 441196, 442844

Raj Palace Hotel,
Shastri Marg, Ph.: 442554,442752

Kanika Hotel,
Kanpur Road, Ph.: 441800

Prakash Hotel,
Station Road, Civil Lines, Ph.: 440964
Apart from the above, Jhansi also has other inexpensive accommodation available.

Torist Information Cantres

  • Regional Tourist Office, U.P. Tourism, Hotel Veerangana, Shivpuri Road, Ph.: 0517-442402

  • Tourist Information Centre, Railway Station

  • M.P. Tourist Information Centre, Railway Station Ph.: 442622.

Distances from Jhansi to major tourist centres

  • Orchha            :       16 km

  • Khajuraho       :       178 km

  • Gwalior           :       103 km

  • Agra               :        191 km

  • Jaipur              :        450 kmDelhi : 416 km

  • Lucknow         :        280 km

  • Varanasi          :        680 km

  • Kanpur            :        220 km


where to stay

U.P.S.T.D.C Rahi Tourist Bungalow, Bajrang Chowk, Gandhi Nagar, Mahoba. Tel.: 05281-244108
E-mail: rahitbmahoba@up-tourism.com
Atithi Hotel, Alha Chowk Tel. 255111
Shivam Hotel, near U.P.S.R.T.C. Bus Stand Paras Hotel, Near Udal Chowk Tel.:244181
Trishul Hotel, near Khauk Bazar


where to stay

U.P.S.T.D.C. Tourist Bungalow. Tel. 05176-282681
e-mail: rahitbdeogarh@up-tourism.com
Jain Dharmshala : About 100 rooms. Veg. food only. Tel. 0517-6282533
Accommodation available at the nearest Lalitpur town (33 km.) :-
Shri Digambar Jain Dharmshala
Tel. 282533, 293699
Hotel Good Luck. Tel. 274548
Hotel Aakash. Tel. 272371, 272428
Hotel Lalit Palace. Tel. 273624
Hotel Kapil


Torist Information Cantres

U.P. Govt. Turist Bureau. Ph.: 0519-768-2218

where to stay

U.P.S.T.D.C. Tourist Bungalow, Chitrakoot. Tel.: 05198-224219, 222218
Fax: 224652. E-mail: rahitbchitrakoot@up-tourism.com
M.P.S.T.D.C. Tourist Bungalow, near Ramghat. Tel.: 07670-265326
Matoshri Jaidevi Anand Ram Jaipuria Smriti Bhawan. Tel.: 05198-210204
Kamad Giri Bhawan, Near Ram Ghat. Tel.: 05198-224313
Annapurna (Vinod Lodge), Near RamGhat. Tel.: 05198-224415
Roopali Lodge, Railway Station, Karvi. Tel.: 236248
Hotel Panchvati, Arogyadham Campus. Tel.: 07670-265609
Ram Darbar, Near Aroghyadham


where to stay

Govt. Forest Rest House Hotel Comfort Inn, Banda (57 Km.) Tel.: 05192-290300
Hotel Sarang Intercontinental, Banda Tel.: 05192-227799
Hotel Sindha Saurabh, Banda Tel: 05192-227166
UPSTDC Tourist Bungalow, Chitrakoot ( 78 Km.) Tel.: 05198-224218-19

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