Bundelkhand Circuit

Bundelkhand Circuit

Aura of Bundelkhand:

Majestic forts, magnificent temples, abundance of sculptures, ancient lakes filled with historic tales, pilgrimage sites from the Ramayana, a huge display of rich cultural and much more to keep you busy. Bundelkhand is a perfect place to forget the world, where you unwind and drown yourself in the depths of culture and history, undisturbed by modernity.

It lies in the heartland of India, with some part in Uttar Pradesh and in Madhya Pradesh to the south. The region known as Bundelkhand is today identified with the districts of Jhansi, Lalitpur, Jalaun, Hamirpur, Banda, Mahoba and Chitrakoot in Uttar Pradesh; and Sagar, Chhatarpur, Tikamgarh, Panna, Damoh, Shivpuri and Chanderi in the adjoining state of Madhya Pradesh.

The major dynasties in Bundelkhand were those of the Chandelas and Bundelas. Bundelkhand emerged from the mists of history during the 9th century under the rule of the mighty Chandelas. The Chandelas governed the destiny of Central India for nearly 300 years. Six centuries later the Bundelas rose to power and they also commanded great influence in the region in the 17th century under King Bir Singh Judeo (1605-1627) of Orchha.

Centuries later, it was during the first uprising against the British rule in 1857 that Bundelkhand produced another charismatic leader in the fiery Queen Rani Laxmi Bai of Jhansi. She led the rebel forces in revolt against the British in 1857 and sacrificed her life for the cause of India's independence.

The landscape is rocky with sparse forests, but major rivers – the mighty Yamuna, Betwa and Ken traverse through the region. Lakes, waterfalls, reservoirs, dams, caves and mountains are as much a part of Bundelkhand's attractions, as are remarkable forts, fortresses, temples, shrines, huge statues and edifices.

Landmarks & Destinations:


Cultural Treat:


Bundeli food is any gourmet's delight. A special attraction being the mouth­watering combination of Urad Dal and Bada, a lightly fried Urad Pakora soaked overnight in water, Bada is garnished with mustard and served with a Chutney.


Bards still sing the praises of the saga of Allha and Udal, legendary brothers who sacrificed their lives for the honour of their land. The Allha-Udal style of singing is famous the world over.


Mahoba is known for its popular paan (betel) leaves. Chitrakoot offers the visitor a variety of trinklets and ritual items on sale. Silver fish from Mahoba and metal chariots of Jhakhora are specimens of Bundelkhand craftsmanship.

How To Reach:


Bundelkhand is well connected with a good network of roads. Jhansi, fails on National Highways 25 and 26,. Some major road distances from Jhansi are: Orchha 18 Km, Datia 28 Km, Lalitpur 93 Km, Khajuaraho 176 Km, Agra 221 Km, Lucknow 297 Km, Delhi 414 Km. From Deogarh, Lalitpur 33 Km, Matatila Dam 93 Km, Jhansi 123 Km. From Chitrakoot: Kalinjar 78 Km, Mahoba 127 Km, Allahabad 127 Km, Jhansi 274 Km, Lucknow 285 Km. From Kalinjar: Chitrakoot 78 Km, Khajuraho 140 Km, Allahabad 205 Km. From Mahoba: Khajuraho 65 Km, Chitrakoot 125 Km, Kalinjar 130 Km, Jhansi 165 Km, Lucknow 240 Km, Allahabad 245 Km.


Jhansi, Mahoba and Chitrakoot are well connected by an excellent railway network with all other major cities. The nearest railway station for Deogarh is Jakhlaun-13 km, which can be reached by Jhansi-Babina passenger train, while Lalitpur (33 km) is the most convenient rail head. The nearest railway station for Chitrakoot is Karvi-8 km. from where trains are available for important cities. The nearest railway stations for Kalinjar are Atarra-36 km and Banda-57km.


Nearest airports for Bundelkhand are : Gwalior (98 km. from Jhansi) and Khajuraho (185 km. from Chitrakoot, 140 km. from Kalinjar & 63 km. from Mahoba)

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