Banda is Famous for?

Banda is Famous for what??

the Good Ones.. :)
-- Shajar?
-- Sohun Haluwa?

the BAD Ones.. :( (i know list is very long)
-- Dadua
-- Robberies
-- most under-developed district
-- atarra college
-- chain pullings (hey! atarra guys..)

btw u can add your listing here.


I am Amit and I am working as Technical Support Officer in Microsoft.

Once you travel around the world, you find that most of the famous places are over explored. You get bore of them very soon. People there are very cosmetic and behaviour is taylored.
Then you start looking for some unexplored places where people are not influenced by western culture. They have there own way of living, and Banda is one of such place.

I really miss my home town.

Luv u Banda once again

amit u r right, there are so many thing which are good in banda,
list is too long
1. Tulsidas was born in banda.
2.Banda is native place of kavi padmakar.
3.lord Rama stayed in banda (Chitrakoot) during his vanvas (Chitrakoot was in banda district few years back.
4. We had great people with us. like Dr. Shyam Lal Sharma. Kavi kedar nath aggarwal etc etc.
one thing is bad about banda, that is we though born in banda, and are well setteled now at different part of world, neve try to do some thing positive for banda, and bandeites,
any way this is food for thought i a giving to u all , and certainly will love to receive your feelings about banda,
we belong to banda . and i know that love u get from the residents of banda is great.
i am kumar sanjay sharma born in banda in 1956, done schooling in adarsha bajrang vidyalaya, and then GIC then graduation from jawahar lal nehru degree college banda in 1976 and the for post graduation i left banda. now i am based at delhi. and i have been to, so many countries and i tell you still miss my home town, i am now 50 yrs of age, and i will certaily like to be settled in banda, once i take retiremetn from my business


dear gur
list for good ones in banda is too long to name few are
1. banda is janmabhumi of Tulsidas.
2. banda is janmabhumi of kavi padmakar.
3. ramchandraji stayed in banda during his vanvaas.
4. nbanda is karmabhumi of Dr Shyam lalal sharma.
i have long list o good things in band. any body can contact me at


hi ! i love BAnda . ihad enjoyed BAnda.i did my schooling from SVM college BAnda. there is a lot of pilgrims...... sankatmochan hanuma, maheshwari, famous for> soahan haluwa, bahu g k laddoo., panipuri..aaloo ki tikki. ilove navratri days.there weare alot of JHANKI of DURGA maa. BANDA people has own style of living......... if u be there iN dASHARA. i gaurntee u miss BANDA Alwways.......

Wo Bhi Tanha, Mein Bhi Tanha
Bhir Mein Har Shaqs Tanha
Raat Ke Aagosh Mein
Kat Ta Hai Ab Waqt Tanha
Ungliyon Ko Yaad Hai Wo
Uske Haatho Ki Chuuan
Dhund Ke Chhat Jaane Pe
Dekha Apna Haath Tanha

Dear friends Amit and sharma,
I agreed with u both, Banda is good in many aspect and we love love the place because it is our birth place/ home town or we can say our identity too. But we have to accept this also that it is a very backword place as compared to the other cities of India....I born and studied in Atarra upto 12th then did my graduation from MP and worked in Delhi nw in Nasik.... I lived many cities in India, and got to know that very few were knowing Banda and whoever is knowing they asked me "Banda me bahut dakaiti hoti hai, bahut garibi hai.."It is due lack of good governance....So I request to u all to contribute something for the development of the region.....


My name is Vijaiendra Nigam but for people of Banda, I was and am only BINNI. I am born and broughtup at Banda in an Advocate's family. Starting form Babu Anandi Prasad Nigam, Bhupendra Nigam ( Bhupat Babu) and Dwijendra Nigam (Dujendra Babu). I am also Advocate, now residing at Ghaziabad and Practicing as an Advocate at Delhi High Court and Supreme Court.

I am proud that I am from Banda. Banda is a place where religious harmony is quotable.
Despite being a small town Banda has (and it still does) given, so many bright officers/ technocrats not only to the State of Uttar Pradesh but the whole country.

That is why I LOVE MY BANDA.


Aaj BUNDELKHAND do Tukdo me Vibhajit hai.
UP ka bundelkhand aur MP ka Bundelkhand.
Sabse pehle ise Ek karne ki aavashyakta hai.
UP me jab Andolan hota hai to MP shant rehta hai. MP me jab awaj uthati hai tab UP shant rehta hai.