Bhuragarh Fort Banda - भूरागढ़ का किला - Banda

(Heritage) BHURAGARH FORT (भूरागढ़ का किला), Banda


Bhuragrah Fort is situated at the bank of Ken river. Seeing the sunset from fort is a beautiful experience. The historical importance of Bhuragarh Fort is related to Bundela reign and Hridaya Shah and Jagat Rai, sons of Maharaja Chattrasal. Kirat Singh, son of Jagat Rai, mended Bhuragarh Fort in 1746 A.D. Arjun Singh was the caretaker of the fort.

In 1787 A.D., Nawab Ali Bahadur I started looking after the domain Banda. He fought a war against Arjun Singh in 1792 A.D.  Then it came under Nawab's rule for some time but Rajaram Dauwa and Laxman Dauwa won it again from Nawabs. After the death of Arjun Singh, Nawab Ali Bahudar took the control of Bhuragarh Fort. Nawab died in 1802 A.D. and Gaurihar Maharaj took the administration after him.


The Great Freedom Struggle against British empire started on 14th June 1857. It was led by Nawab Ali Bahadur II in Banda. This struggle was much fierce than expected and revolutionaries from Allahbad, Kanpur and Bihar joined Nawab in fight against Britishers. On 15th June 1857, revolutionaries killed Joint Magistrate Cockrail. On 16th April 1858, Whitluck arrived Banda and he fought against revolutionary army of Banda. About 3000 revolutionaries were killed in the fort during this war. Nuts( one who performs acrobatic feats) from Sarbai sacrified in this war. Their graves are found inside the fort. Graves are of many revolutionaries are found around fort.


On 8th June 1859, many revolutionaries were arrested and sentenced to death and life imprisonment.

According to District Court's File No. 19 of the year 1859 :

  1. Shri Nawab Ali S/o Vishal Ali Khan.

  2. Shri Akbar Beg Golandaz.

  3. Shri Faryaz Mohd. S/o Niyaz Mohd.

  4. Shri Chatta Khan.

  5. Shri Mukhtayar Mohd.

  6. Shri Devideen.

  7. Shri Kadir Beg.

  8. Shri Idrish Mohd.

  9. Shri Ved Ali S/o Mardan Ali.

  10. Shri Rahmat Ali Khan.

  11. Shri Paigam Ali.

  12. Shri Kaale Khan.

  13. Shri Ismail Khan.

  14. Shri Kutab Ai Khan.

  15. Shri Ayaam.

  16. Shri Sheikh Jumman.

  17. Shri Vilayas Husain (Dewan-e-Riyasat, Banda).

  18. Shri Gulaam Haidar Khan.

  19. Shri Sardar Mohd. (Deputy collector, Banda).

  20. Shri Haidar Khan (Nazim Riyasat).

  21. Shri Imdad Ali.

  22. Shri Mir Farhat Ali (Tahsildar, Banda).

  23. Shri Hanumant Rao Thate.

  24. Shri Babu Rao Gore.

  25. Shri Himkat Ulla Khan (Deputy Collector, Fatehpur).

  26. Shri Usmaan Khan.

  27. Shri Mirza Imdad Ali Beg.

  28. Shri Mohd. Ali Beg.

Shri Rao Mahipat Singh of Sungara State with his 80 officers were hanged in this fort.


From May 1858 till the independence of India, fort remained under British Rule. Due to cold eye of Indian Tourism and Archeological authorties, the fort reached the brink of destruction. The basement and lower floors vanished under dirt and garbage. However, with grace of Tourism Development Scheme 2005-06, about 1.6 Million rupees were issued to the authorities for fort. A park, boundary wall, Martyr Memorial etc. has been constructed with this money. But no work has been done for storing and restoring the architecture and design of historical importance.


^ Collapsed way to ground floor. ^

Bhuragarh Fort is not just a piece of architecture or history which is about to collapse.  It is a symbol of sacrifice, patriotism, sovereignty and equality. It is the witness of struggle where people from different sects, races, communities, religions came together rubbing shoulders with each other and fought against foreign rulers.  It is the ground of great incident which made Banda as the first town in India to achieve freedom from British Rule. Its the mirror of our glorious past. Its pride of Banda.

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