Condition of housing in Bundelkhand region of UP and MP by Dr. Sarda Prasad

​Condition of housing in Bundelkhand region of UP and MP by Dr. Sarda Prasad

  • The electricity, road and water (Bijli, Sadak, and Pani - BSP ) determined the socio- economic status of a geographic region.
  • Housing conditions (good, livable and dilapidated) and household amenities (especially electricity and water supply) indicates the socio-economic status of the individual households.
  • The Bundelkhand (BKD) region is one of the poorest regions of UP and MP as it is characterized by lack of natural resource and unsuitable for industrialization.
  • BKD region comprises of 13 districts of which 7 districts are from UP. Statistics shows that Chhattarpur district of MP and Chitrakoot/Banda district of UP are poorest in terms of natural resources and human resources.
  • Census of India (2001) depicts the highest rural out-migrants were from Banda and Chhattarpur district of UP and MP respectively.
  • Unfortunately people of this region (high and low castes) are interested on expenditure to buy Gun and gambling instead of spend on education of their children.
  • In daily Newspapers and Doordarshan are showing the fate and conditions of this region.
  • During the survey of my Ph. D (May to September 2011), we have observed a lot of the hidden facts and reality what we could not even imagine about the households conditions, economic status and socio-political reality.
  • It is facts and reality that still this regions believe in un- touchability and visible casteism. This phenomenon creates dacoity, robbers and other social evils (Eg. Dacoit –Dadua) and indirectly affects housing conditions and house hold amenities.
  • These are the justification of the study.
  • We have used Household data from Census 2011 and some primary data.

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By: Dr. Sarda Prasad