Farmer Prem Singh : Progressive Organic Farmer from Bundelkhand

Prem Singh

Progressive Organic Farmer from Bundelkhand

Founder : Manveeya Shiksha Sansthan
Barokhar Khurd, Banda (U.P.) India
PIN: 210001

Contact: +91-9415557444, 05192-225005
Email: farmerprem[at]


About Agrarian Research Institute(ARI):
Agrarian Research Institute is formed by bundelkhand farmers who are practicing traditional & sustainable farming. At present there are 4 farmhouses and 1 agrarian museum in Banda District.

ARI is working in the field sustainable farming, eco-balance, study of agriculture effects on society, human life style and energy solution. It is developing agriculture models for different enviourmental/ geographical/ social/ economical conditions.

Focus Areas:

  • Science & Rural Culture
  • Village devlopment process
  • Water management in rural areas
  • Living farm-houses
  • Agrarian museum
  • Agiculture library
  • Seed Bank
  • Agriculture & rural traditions
  • eco-friendly energy resources



  • आवर्तणशील खेती (Alternate way of Farming)
  • A success story in parched Bundelkhand. (The Hindu)
  • Ebook : Aavartansheel Kheti (Periodic Proportionate Farming)

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    Co-Author of Book: "Periodic Proportionate Farming", along with Johan D. Hulster (Environmentalist, Belgium)

    Organic Food Products:

    • Organic Flour of Wheat, Gram & Barley
    • Amla(Gooseberry) Pickle, Candy
    • Organic Pure Cow Ghee
    • Mustard Oil
    • Organic Rice
    • Organic Pulses
    • Buknu (Mixture of several Spices)
    • and more..

    Organic farming, cow keeping, food processing, planting and new research of improving soil fertility and the seed development.

    Certifications by: PGSOIC (UPA01002), Slow Food, FPO (12013), Navdanya

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    Visit Rural Farm Houses and Experience Rural Bundelkhand: