Mangal Turbine (मंगल टरबाइन) : Lalitpur


Mangal Turbine (मंगल टरबाइन) 

A Low cost, fuel-less, Eco Friendlly water wheel turbine pump


About Shri Mangal Singh (AGRICULTURIST and INVENTOR):

Borned in 31 january 1948 in village Bhailoni Lodh, Block-Bar, Distt. Lailitpur Uttar Pradesh.
Ashoka Foundation “Innovators for the public” awardee.
About Mangal Turbine:
Mangal Singh has harnessed the energy of the river flow to lift water for irrigation and is using the same source of energy for other rural community purposes. The fuel-less Mangal Water Wheel Turbine Pump, built from locally-available materials, runs entirely on sound mechanical principles and has no source of energy other than the flow of water.
India Patent No: 177190


Village & post: Bhailoni lodh,
Block & P.S.: Bar ,Talbehat,
District: Lalitpur ,
Uttar Pradesh
Pincode: 284123

Phone: 05175-289635
Mobile: 09415113935