(Report) Bundelkhand Drought : A Retrospective Analysis and way ahead by National Institute of Disaster Management

(Report) Bundelkhand Drought : A Retrospective Analysis and way ahead by National Institute of Disaster Management


  • Foreword

  • Preface

  • Acknowledgements

  • List of Figures

  • List of Tables

1. Introduction

  • BackgroundPresent Scenario
  • Past Studies
  • Scope of the Present Study

2. Bundelkhand Profile

  • Study Area.History
  • Ecophysiography, Climate and Natural Resources of Bundelkhand
  • Land Use and Settlement Pattern
  • Demography and Urbanization
  • Development of Agriculture (the main occupation)
  • Industry Growth
  • Institutions
  • Major NGOs and their initiatives in Bundelkhand

3. Miseries in Bundelkhand

  • Bundelkhand Drought: A Tale of Miseries

4. Drought Hazard Analysis

  • Scientific Study
  • Data used
  • Methodology of Study
  • Analysis of Datasets
  • Drought Hazard Mapping
  • Drought Frequency and Intensity Analysis
  • Hazard Analysis (Frequency and Intensity)
  • Composite Drought Hazard Mapping

5. Capacities: Mitigation and Development

  • Traditional Knowledge
  • Mitigation Activities and Development
  • Development Schemes in Bundelkhand
  • Agroforestry5.5 Alternative Employment
  • Drought Impact Assessment
  • Mainstreaming Drought Risk Mitigation through Convergence

6. Strategic Recommendations

  • Policies and strategies
  • Institutional framework
  • Information Flow
  • Opportunities and Limits
  • Way Forward
  • Recommendations and Future Research Needs

7. Bibliography

8. ICSSR Project Evaluation Report

9. About the Authors

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Courtesy: National Institute of Disaster Management, Govt. of India.